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NJ & PA Servicemen, Businessmen, & Countrymen

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Buy Fresh & Local. Live Independent & Sustainable.

Build Skills. Connect with Like-Minded Neighbors.

Support the Men & Women who Protect our Freedom.

Small Town America Strikes Back

PATRIOTIC Servicemen + Businessmen + Countrymen. UNITED.

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Learn Essential

Skills from Local Experts

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 Discounts are provided to cardholders only & are Subject to Change 

Sons of Liberty

Certified Homegrown Businesses

All Businesses in the SOL Patriot Discount Club must meet the following criteria:

  1. The Business is Independently Owned & Community Based (No Franchises).

  2. The Business Increases the Skill & Sustainability of our Communities.

  3. The Business Supports the Men & Women who Protect our Freedom including:

Active & Veteran

Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, & EMTs

 Certification does not GUarantee Quality or Customer Satisfaction.

Build Community with SOL Social Network




USING SOL Social Network

  • Happy Hour at Local Breweries, Taverns, Pubs, & Beer Gardens

  • Camping, Hiking, Fishing, & Hunting

  • Range Outings

  • Paintball Outings

  • Axe Throwing

  • Mountain Biking

  • Survival Skill Training

  • Escape Rooms, Corn Mazes, & Obstacle Courses

  • Mud Runs, 5ks, Marathons, & Triathlons

  • Rec Sports Leagues

  • Weightlifting, Spin, Yoga, & Meditation Classes

  • Shore, Beach, & Lake Trips

  • Sport & Concert Tailgates

  • BBQs, Cook Outs, & Holiday Parties

  • Charity & Fundraising Events

  • Book Clubs

  • Homeschooling & Babysitting Networks

  • Survival Networks - Work Together during Natural Disasters (Think Hurricane Sandy or Harvey)


Benefits for  Countrymen & Servicemen

  1. Discounts from Patriotic Instructors & Businesses in the SOL Community.

  2. Access to an Easy-to-Read Website Directory of local, quality instructors & homegrown businesses with address, phone, email, and GPS navigation.

  3. Access to SOL Social Network to Connect with Local Servicemen, Countrymen & Community Businessmen.

  4. Invitations to Sons of Liberty Expeditions, Events, & Happy Hour at local Taverns, Pubs, Beer Gardens, & Breweries.

Membership Dues

Countrymen Price $25/Year

($20 in 2020)

Servicemen Price $10/year

Serving Patriots in New Jersey & Pennsylvania in 2020

BENEFITS FOR Instructors & Businessmen

  1. FREE Advertisement & Promotion in the Sons of Liberty Website Directory with the use of interactive map pinning, links to GPS navigation and directions, in addition to phone, email, and website contacts.

  2. Access to a Buy Local Community of Patriotic Americans ready to support your businesses.

  3. Access to SOL Social Network for Targeted Business Promotion and Daily Specials.

  4. FREE SOL Patriot Club Membership for business owner(s) including discounts at ALL businesses and instructors in the SOL Network.

Membership Dues

Discount for Patriot club members

Advertising Businesses in Greater Northeast in 2020


Countrymen & Servicemen

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Servicemen Price for Active & Veteran Military, LEOs, Firefighters, & EMTs with Valid ID or DD 214

Instructors & Businessmen

Complete the Sons of Liberty Business Certification Application to become an official Sons of Liberty Certified Business, free of charge.

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...the Completed Application to Join the Sons of Liberty Network.

Online Patriot Applications

Serving Patriots in New Jersey & Pennsylvania in 2020

Patriotic Servicemen & Servicewomen

Patriotic Countrymen  Countrywomen

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