Survival & Sustainability Consultations


Initial Safety & Sustainability Assessment

Recommended Tools, Resources, & Contingency Plans

Firearm, Drone, Hunting, & Fishing Licensing

Selecting & Customizing Quality Firearms

Assembling Bug Out Bags & Vehicle Kits

Personal Security

Equipping each member of your family for potential threats to life & liberty.

Property Fortification

Securing land & property to prevent theft, invasion, or degradation.

Resource Conservation & Production

Protecting your ability to create and sustain the necessities of life.

Contingency Plans

Preparing for when disaster strikes and it's time to initiate an exit strategy.

Our Survival Packages are custom designed from the ground up to meet your needs and your budget. Contact us to schedule a free, private consultation.

COPPER Packages

Essential tools for the defense of life and liberty. Perfect for those that want protection on a limited budget. Focus: Personal Security & Contingency Plans.

SILVER Packages

Comprehensive packages designed to protect individuals and families, large or small, from threats to their personal security or property. Focus: Personal Security, Property Fortification, & Contingency Plans.

GOLD Packages

Elite packages designed to protect individuals and families of means by securing their assets, fortifying their properties, and sustaining their way of life. Focus: Personal Security, Property Fortification, Resource Conservation and Production, & Contingency Plans.


Patriot Discount Club Members, Veterans, & First Responders

$75 - Hour

Law-Abiding Citizens

$100 - Hour


Contact us to schedule a FREE consultation

Currently Performing In-Person Consultations in Sussex, Morris, Warren, Hunterdon, & Somerset Counties, NJ ONLY

(With Long-Term Plans to Expand to Greater NJ & PA)

Consultations outside of Northwest New Jersey must be negotiated and will include a charge for Travel Expenses

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